Rent A Car To Start Your Travel

Singapore has one of the most sophisticated public transport in the world, even with that, traveling from Singapore to Malaysia still requires renting a car or taking a flight. It is easy to rent a car in Singapore because there are many companies offering such services. However, when it comes to car rental Singapore to Malaysia, you are better off sticking with a brand that understands the terrain and offers the kind of services you need.

Whether you are on going on a business trip or planning to spend your vacation in Malaysia, there is some information you need to know and decisions to take about renting a car in Singapore.

1. Type of Car

The type of car you rent is very important, and it will depend on your particular use cases such as needing a large or small space and your ability to drive it. You don’t want a car that can’t serve all the functions you had in mind. Also, your driving skills are very important if you are going to drive the leased car.

2. Cost of Rental

Having determined your travel dates, you can then choose when you will like to start your journey. Car rental on weekends are usually costlier than weekdays due to higher demands but for a long-term rental period, you may be able to save cost.
Some Singaporean car rentals are not clear for Malaysia entry so they are obviously not for you. Some demand very high surcharges for such entry.

3. Driving Guidelines

You are required to drive on the left hand side in Singapore and you are not allowed to turn left at red lights. Moreover, the speed limit on expressways is 90km/h(56 mph), 70km/h(43 mph) on a non-residential street while you are allowed to drive at 60km/h(37 mph) on residential streets.

Finally, when preparing to leave, your rented car should be checked so that any preexisting scratches or damages can be detected and documented, the car seats should be adjusted for good feet positioning and to get an optimal distance between you and the steering wheel.

Car rental within a city or country is pretty common, but inter-country rental has some intricacies that can only be handled by professional car rentals. For car rental Singapore to Malaysia, BizLink – best car rental sg is a great rental service to hire.

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